Wanna see me spin?


When my daughter was born, I was so excited! Besides my obvious maternal feelings, I was thrilled to have a little dress up doll to play with (I know how that sounds, but those of you with daughters… you know you thought the same thing!) I had a closet full of delicious little confections with rosettes, ribbons, ruffles and more. It looked like a cupcake threw up all over her room. She’s going to be 4 next week, and she still loves anything fluffy and pink, but most of all she loves anything she can spin in!

It’s not uncommon for my entire day to be filled with “wanna see me spin? wanna watch me spin? hey mom hey mom hey mother hey mommy WATCH!” So of course I will stop what I’m doing and watch her spin. Usually she chooses spinning locations that are dangerously close to sharp corners or breakable objects. She prefers to spin next to the expensive crystal section in the mall, but shuns the bedding section. She’ll spin right next to me if I’m holding a hot cup of coffee, but if I’ve got a load of towels in my hand, you will find her spinning on the concrete patio next to the sharp BBQ utensils. This danger-seeking I blame entirely on her father who has convinced her he is part superhero so she must be too!

Today she yelled at me “MOTHER! Watch this new spin I can do” and proceeded to twirl at lightning speed on one foot while holding her pink dress up over her head. I gave it a 9.5 mostly because she tripped over her dress up shoes and landed in the middle of the livingroom. As I watched her spin I was suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of loss. When was the last time I had a good spin? I remembered how fun it was to twirl and spin and run without any sense of embarrassment or decorum. I just did it because it was fun. So today, in the middle of the livingroom, I “spinned” like a top! I twirled till I was dizzy and fell into a heap right next to my giggling little girl. It was the best day ever.


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  1. Heck yes! Maybe it’s the “buy handmade” mentality, but it just feels so much more personal buying from roadside stands 😀

    I’ve got a new featured seller up if you want to check her out!

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