No Rest For Mama


It’s been a bit, but I’m back (say that ten times fast)!! If you’re just dying to know where I disappeared to…

My mother was born and raised in Pennsylvania where her family still lives, and when I was a young girl, my parents made sure my sister and I had the opportunity to go back and visit occasionally. It was a long trip since we lived across the country in Washington state. Well, now that we’ve recently relocated from Idaho to Maryland, I was only 7 hours away from my mother’s family! It had been over 15 years since my last visit, and I was so blessed to be able to go and spend an entire week there. I took my two little bugs, packed them into the gas guzzling (yet oh-so-comfy) boat of an SUV and headed out!

I will admit, I was a little nervous to see everyone… a lot changes in 15 years! My grandma, who my kids call Gigi (get it? Great Grandma- GG- Gigi!!) was able to come visit when my son was born, but still that was a year ago! Well, I sure didn’t need to be nervous. It was like no time at all had passed… except that I was now married with kids, not a skinny, slightly nerdy teenager. There were picnics and zoo trips and funny stories. You know how people talk about getting that “warm fuzzy” feeling? Well, I can attest to it’s existence. I was overwhelmed with love! Even though we lived sooo far apart for sooo long, it didn’t matter!

At Gigi's House

Pudding Bath

And of course I loved showing off my two sunbeams. They were the true entertainment of the week. From my daughter’s impromptu nude recorder solo in the backyard (she had been playing in the sprinkler and decided to strip off her suit right then and there… jeeesh! Thank goodness for tall hedges!!) to my unfortunate desicion to let my son eat pudding with no spoon… after his bath… they kept everyone in stitches the entire time. My daughter was especially excited as Gigi lives in a Senior’s apartment complex – it was like having a building full of grandmas and grandpas! She got to push elevator buttons and her favorite channel was the security channel where she could watch who was coming and going from the building! My son just loved flirting with all the ladies and he stole their hearts with his crazy crawling technique (up on his tip toes so his knees didn’t touch the ground) and beaming grin.

It really was a time of reconnection and although it was over far too soon, I know it’s not the last visit.

Now a word about vacationing with young children. I don’t know why they call it a vacation… there is no relaxation involved! Staying with family often means bringing your children into a non-kid-friendly house which means a lot of “No! Don’t Touch!” And of course if your family is the spoiling kind (like mine is) it means lots and lots of sugar. My daughter was cranky as all heck after doughnuts, jelly beans, cookies, soda… yuck. Just thinking of it makes me ill. We are going through a sugar withdrawal period at home right now which is no fun either! Spending so much time in an unfamiliar place can make kids clingy so take my advice – when a friend or family member offers to watch the kids for a couple of hours while you go have some grown up time, TAKE THEM UP ON IT!!! They want to see your kids, and you want to spend a little time on your own (nap time anyone?). It’s a wonderful combination.

Another thing to remember is simple car maintenance. This would have come in handy at the end of my trip. I went out to start my car and – DEAD DEAD DEAD!!! The battery was completely drained (I should have taken the time to double check the lights which my daughter has a tendency to turn on)! Thankfully, it was the day before we left, so there was time to do something about it. My uncle is a whiz with cars, so he took the time to fully charge the battery and even check the oil (a handy thing to know ladies!!) Just in case something happened later on the road, I was so happy to know I had my new AAA membership.

Well, we’re home safe and sound (and exhausted after the long drive). Coming up in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for another feature on a fun-tastic Etsy seller, pictures of my daughters 4th birthday cake (I’m making a giant castle with a little fondant princess), and a preview of some of my newest cards making their way to The Paper Bluebird.

Talk to you soon!


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