Feeling Bookish


I devour books!  When I was a younger I used to beg my parents NOT to get me books for birthdays and Christmas, because I just finished them within a few days!  Instead they got me gift certificates to the local used book store where I could buys oodles of books and re-sell them later for store credit so I could stock up again.  I have read the Chronicals of Narnia over 100 times (I know because I’ve put little tickmarks on the box every time I finished the series again), reveled in the adventures of Anne of Green Gables, gotten lost in the worlds of Jane Austen and Bronte Sisters.  I fell in love with the Count of Monte Cristo, traveled to the dark lands where Stephen King and Dean Koontz rule, and if Alex Deleware and Milo Sturgis are on the case, I’m right there with them.  The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella was like reading about myself, and I always read them with an English accent 😉

I’d love to find some new authors to read, so what are your suggestions?  Please let me know your favorite titles or authors!



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