When we moved from Idaho to Maryland, we sold almost everything we owned, including most of our kitchen items.  Well, with the weather getting colder, my husband and I have been craving some slow cooker goodness, and this weekend we bought a brand new crock pot and lots of yummy beans, meats and veggies.  Also on sale this weekend was pork ribs, so we bought a bunch of them… SOOOOOOO good!!  Here’s my recipe:

Liz’s Super Delicious Pork Ribs

The day before you’re going to make these puppies, pull them out and dry rub them.  I use coarse ground salt, coarse pepper, cumin, light brown sugar and honey.  Make sure you completely cover both sides of the ribs.  Then wrap them up (I just use parchment paper or saran wrap) and stick them in the fridge.  The next day, take them out and drop them in your slow cooker.  Add your favorite BBQ sauce and slice up an onion (I like Vidallia or Walla Walla Sweets).  Set your cooker on high for about an hour and a half.  After that, switch it to low (you might need to add a bit more BBQ sauce) and let that cook for about 3 hours or so.  We checked ours after 2 1/2 and the meat was just falling off the bones!  Soooooo good!

Whatever doesn’t get eaten the first night we use to make simple, delicious sandwiches:  2 slices sourdough bread, one side toasted, and your favorite cheese – I like smoked gouda or havarti, but you can use anything.  Sharp cheddar would give it a nice bite!  Just put some chunked up slices of pork ribs on one slice of bread, top with cheese and throw it in the oven at about 350F for a few minutes to melt the cheese and heat the meat.  Meanwhile, toast top slice of bread and slather with mayo and mustard.  Slap it together with a little BBQ sauce if you like and voila!  Deeee-lish!


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