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My Playlist


So, here are a few songs currently enjoying heavy rotation on my iPod.

Maybe you’ve heard them, maybe you haven’t, but take a chance and listen to them.

Each one is special for different reasons.

Who knows?  You might just find your new favorite!

Right click on each and choose Open Link In New Tab  to check them out (thank you Grooveshark Lite)

(I think of this song when walking along the Atlantic)
Carolina In My Mind -James Taylor
(yeah James Taylor!!  I love you!!!)
Follow You Follow Me – Genesis
(my all time favorite song)
My Father’s Waltz – Hem
(I just found Hem, and I can’t get enough!)
The Longer The Waiting – Josh Turner
(Very sweet… and his voice is like dark chocolate)
The Only Living Boy In New York – Simon and Garfunkel
(an old favorite)
(one of the first songs I learned to play on guitar)
(this song just gets to me every time I hear it)
I’d love to hear what you think… make sure to let me know which you liked/loved/hated… whatever 🙂  I may just make this a bi-weekly feature… hmmmm…

The oddest pumpkin in the patch

Family Pumpkins

Family Pumpkins

We carved our pumpkins today!  After arranging them on the livingroom floor, we let the kids pick theirs (even little Bubba grabbed for one) and then my husband and I picked ours.  I was wondering if Short Stack would like carving pumpkins this year, but NOPE!  She HATES HATES HATES (her words, not mine) the goo.  She would barely stick her hand inside her pumpkin.  Bubba on the other hand decided that the pumpkins (goo and all) looked delicious.  We spent most of the time trying to grab chunks of pumpkin out of his mouth.  He’d just wait till our attention was on something else, pull the top off one of the pumpkins and chow down!  Our pumpkins certainly attest to our different personalities.  My husband did his and Bubba’s going for simple large shapes.  My daughter decided to color hers with marker and then instructed me on the shapes she wanted.  I decided to go a little crazy this year and test my artistic abilities when it came to pumpkin carving.  Can you guess which one it is? I really had a blast and was inspired by the book Dr. Pompo’s Nose by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers.  Check out books by these authors at your local library.  They are totally cute (and amazing!!!)

Do you have any pumpkin carving traditions?  How about your classic roasted pumpkin seed recipes?  Please share!!

Oh, I have such grand designs!


I am super inspired by my new favorite show- Top Design.  Yes, I am a Bravo channel junkie.  I watch Project Runway and I head to my sewing machine, I watch Top Chef and I am whipping up all kinds of glamor in the kitchen.  Now with Top Design, I have sketched out every main room in my house, and damn, they look great.  I find myself drifting towards the paint section in WalMart (don’t hate, you know you shop there too!) and I’m throwing together eggplant and steel grey, Tiffany blue and chartreuse.  I LOVE COLOR!!!  My husband and I finally dragged ourselves to Ikea (I LOVE IKEA!!!) and bought what I refer to as “the grown up bed”.  It’s not as if we were sleeping in a toddler bed before, but we did just have a stacked mattress set.  Now we’ve got a proper bed frame with a lovely rustic looking headboard that I just adore (I was going to say LOVE again, but that would just be going overboard… ) (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!)  Now I’m trying to find the perfect color for our walls.  Right now they are the most depressing shade of bright blue you’ve ever seen.  I want rich and fantastic and lush!  I’m kind of leaning towards deep chocolate browns with just a hit of sexy canary yellow in some of the accessories.  It sounds hideous, I know, but if you lived in my mind… well, no… you don’t want that.  You’d be trapped for eternity and go mad.

Will I post pictures of my fantastic room make over?  Don’t hold your breath.  We still don’t have a dresser so all our clothes are artistically folded and sorted on top of (drumroll please…) plastic bins.  LOVE IT!

So here is the challenge… I want to hear from you… I need design ideas.  The room is huge and empty with beige carpet.  Here’s the bed we have (not with those linens though).

IKEA's Aspelund Bedframe

IKEA's Aspelund Bedframe

Give me your ideas.  Send links with color palets.  I NEED INSPIRATION!!!!  Go check out the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer for some color combo fun.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

Put your booty in a box!


Need somewhere to store your booty (pirate or otherwise?)  Check out booty boxes available at The Paper Bluebird.  These little boxes are the perfect paper storage container for beads, buttons, hair ties, rings, small jewelry, anything you can think of.  I’ve done custom orders for Etsy shops (they make great gift boxes for scrabble tile pendants and other small doo-dads) and did an order for a wedding party (the bride was giving earrings to her maid of honor and bridesmaids).

Itty Bitty Booty Boxes in "Box of Chocolates"

Itty Bitty Booty Boxes in

These little boxes come in two sizes, Original (4.25 inches or 11cm  on each side and 2 inches or 5.1cm deep) and Itty Bitty which are half the size of the original (2 inches or 5.1cm on each side, 1 inch or 2.5cm deep).  You could use these at dinner parties, filling the boxes with your favorite candy or treat and placing them at each guests place.  Or how about setting them on your reception tables filled with birdseed ready to toss when the happy couple make their exit?  If you’ve got small stocking stuffers, these would be a quick and cute way of wrapping.  Although I only have a limited number of sets currently listed at my shop, most of my orders have been custom made to coordinate with a certain color pallet.  Just contact me and I’d be happy to help you come up with something special!

Perfect Pink

Perfect Pink

Original Sized Booty Boxes

Original Sized Booty Boxes

Now you may be wondering why in the heck I call these things Booty Boxes… well, I started making them to package the baby booties I was making for my other shop My Bluebird Gifts.  The original size were just perfect for this, and I had so much fun making them, that I started doing the smaller ones as well.  Each box consists of two pieces of hand folded quality paper (all acid and lignen free).

Are there any colors you would like to see?  What do you think about these little gift boxes?  I’d love to hear from you!  -Liz

p.s.  I just tried a batch of butterscotch marshmallows… I’ll let you know how they turn out!!)

Homemade Marshmallows Part 2


So, I finished making my first batch of homemade marshmallows last night… drumroll please…

They turned out FANTASTIC!!! I am totally obsessed now with tweaking and perfecting the recipe, really making it my own.  I made plain jane vanilla marshmallows and split the batch in half.  One half I coated with powdered sugar, but the other half I coated in a combination of cinnimon sugar and pumpkin pie spice.  Let me just say, these taste amazing in hot cocoa!  My daughter tested them out over the grill for a yummy roasted marshmallow treat- well, you can see the picture!


We like to call these mmmmmmmmmmmMarshmallows!

We like to call these mmmmmmmmmmmMarshmallows!



These luscious vanilla marshmallows are just waiting for a hot cup of cocoa to dunk in!

These luscious vanilla marshmallows are just waiting for a hot cup of cocoa to dunk in!


So at the end of the day, I was really pleased with the results.  I’m looking forward to trying some different flavoring options.  My next big project will be to create a hot cocoa mix to go with them.  Christmas presents anyone?  I’m super excited!!!


For some great homemade marshmallow resources, try these:

Alton Brown’s Marshmallows

Marshmallow Recipe on Sugar Plum

How Stuff Works- How do they make marshmallows

The Marshmallow Experiment


Okay… just a little tidbit… 

I am trying my hand at making homemade marshmallows!  They are sitting here, setting right this very moment!!  The entire time I was making them, I kept getting visions of delicious variations,  using butterscotch candies to flavor them, toasting coconut to roll them it, adding espresso… the possibilities are endless.  Obviously I love a good marshmallow.  

Stay tuned for the results!!!

I’ve been tagged!!!


I love reading blogs.  Besides being often informative, it feeds my secret passion to get a peek into other people’s lives.  Well, here’s a chance for you to see a little bit into my life.  I’ve been tagged by Kelly at The Ordinary Housewife (which, p.s. is a super fun blog so make sure you go check it out!!) and now you get to hear 7 facts about me that you wouldn’t normally know!


1.  I absolutely love cherry pie filling… minus the pie.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a full on slice on occasion, but I do so love cherry pie filling straight out of the can.  It’s been awhile since I indulged, but I’m not kidding when I say I have occasionally daydreamed about the thick, tart, unnaturally red wonder that is cherry pie filling.  mmmmmmm…..

2.  I’ve broken bones on New Year’s Eve – twice.  Once when I was in 6th grade and I was rollerskating downhill in the rain and 11:45 chasing a basketball (don’t ask, the story is ridiculous and I won’t tell) and I broke my right wrist.  Then again when I was 19 and at a friend’s party.  My good friend and I were messing around and showing off and we got into this pseudo-wrestling match (again, don’t ask) and she rolled over my foot, bending it  and breaking my foot right below my pinkie toe.  The second broken bone resulted in my parents finding out about my first tattoo (I had just gotten it a couple of days before) and I ‘m not sure which hurt worse:  my foot, or my ears after my mom let me have it for what she considered the “total insane stupidity” of getting permanent ink.

3.  I can do a dead-on impression of a dolphin.  I have not gone swimming with dolphins, but if I ever do, I’m totally gonna see what happens if I do it around them.

4.  I am sometimes still a little afraid of the dark.  This may have to do with the fact that I love reading scary books and have an over-active imagination, but I still freak out sometimes when I’m walking upstairs at night and have to turn on lights.

5.  I am not athletic at all, unless it involves horses or golf (maybe polo would be a good sport for me?!)  I used to ride horses all the time when I was younger, and my husband introduced me to golf when we met and amazingly enough I was actually pretty good at it!

6.  I didn’t have cable for over 2 years.  This was actually a really good thing because now that we have it again, I sometimes find I have a hard time turning off the TV.  I am happy to get to watch some of my favorite shows again (Project Runway, anything on The Food Network, How I Met Your Mother, and my new favorite Fringe).

7.  Wow… this last one is hard!  I’m trying to think of something to WOW you with… okay…  I can tie cherry stem into a knot without the use of my hands.  It’s true.  Feel free to say WOW!


 So now I need to pick seven other people to tag, but first I need to post the rules…

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