I’m living with a celebrity


My house has become a haven for a celebrity.  At least, he’s convinced he’s a celebrity…

He’s as demanding as they come, and has been known to throw food if it’s not made to his taste.  He’s bossy and requires constant attention.  He’s not above screaming his demands from across the room and he treats everyone in the house like his personal assistant.  Through all that though, his dashing good looks and puppy dog eyes have me falling for him every time I see him.

My darling son has become a Hollywood-worthy attention monster!  With the acquisition of the word “up” to his still limited vocabulary, he’s become more bossy than ever!  “Up! Up! UP!!!” punctuated by thigh slapping and huffing has become his communication style of choice.  Watching him with his equally diva-like sister is like watching Oprah and Barbara Streisand trying to hold a conversation.  They are always trying to one-up each other!  But like I said, he’s still my little love bug…

As I write, he’s yelling from the other room.  His eggs must not be warm enough… sheesh!!!

Is that FOAM on my no-foam half-caf lukewarm latte with two straws?  TAKE IT BACK!

Is that FOAM on my no-foam half-caf lukewarm latte with two straws? TAKE IT BACK!


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  1. That was great. My littlest guy acts the same way. Perish the thought that I should make dinner without him on my hip. My eldest thinks your little guy is cute.

  2. LOL I can soo relate my 20 month old is still like that! Though my almost 4 year old has grown out of it and says nice things like “Your the best cook mum” 🙂

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