Fall Inspiration


Living in Maryland, I’m excited to see my first New England Fall.  Even now, some of the leaves are beginning to turn.  My daughter and I had planned to make cupcakes today, and when we were trying to decided which color of frosting to make, we decided to look out our own front door.  Gracie found her perfect leaf (and this is no small task for a 4 year old perfectionist) and we headed inside to mix frosting.

Well, here they are, the fruits of our labor – We used a basic yellow cake mix, then filled the cupcakes with some of my homemade Caramel Tiramisu frosting.  Then alternating spoonfulls of each color, we filled a pastry bag and used a large star tip to create the mix of colors you see here (also with Caramel Tiramisu frosting).  Then came the real test- how did they taste?  I’m not really sure because both kids have their mouth full of yummy frosted cupcakes, but the smiles on their faces hint that just maybe we hit a homerun!

Fall Inspiration Cupcakes

Fall Inspiration Cupcakes

Delicious Caramel Tirimisu Frosting

Delicious Caramel Tiramisu Frosting

Liz’s Super Luscious Caramel Tiramisu Frosting

Cream together 1 cup real unsalted butter (softened) and 1 cup shortening.  Slowly add about 1 cup confectioner sugar (you’ll need about 4 cups total).  Stir in about 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and a good glug of Coffee Mate Tiramisu flavored creamer (you can get this by the milk at your grocery store).  Add another couple of cups of confectioner sugar (this is all to taste, so make sure you sneak a fingerfull or two while you’re doing this).  Add another couple of glugs of the creamer and then about 4-5 tablespoons of your favorite caramel syrup (I like Dulce de Leche syrup by Hershey’s).  This recipe will make plenty to cover a cake or 24 cupcakes (this depends on how much frosting you like on yours!).  I used a batch this size to fill and frost about 18 cupcakes with some left over to put on graham crackers for a small treat.

Fun places to visit if you want some cupcake inspiration:







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  1. hiyo… passing by and those cupcakes were a big red light for me… they look delicious and your instructions are so simple… I’m very bad luck with cooking.. (Fire 3x something is amiss) but this actually sounds doable… =D

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