Oh, I have such grand designs!


I am super inspired by my new favorite show- Top Design.  Yes, I am a Bravo channel junkie.  I watch Project Runway and I head to my sewing machine, I watch Top Chef and I am whipping up all kinds of glamor in the kitchen.  Now with Top Design, I have sketched out every main room in my house, and damn, they look great.  I find myself drifting towards the paint section in WalMart (don’t hate, you know you shop there too!) and I’m throwing together eggplant and steel grey, Tiffany blue and chartreuse.  I LOVE COLOR!!!  My husband and I finally dragged ourselves to Ikea (I LOVE IKEA!!!) and bought what I refer to as “the grown up bed”.  It’s not as if we were sleeping in a toddler bed before, but we did just have a stacked mattress set.  Now we’ve got a proper bed frame with a lovely rustic looking headboard that I just adore (I was going to say LOVE again, but that would just be going overboard… ) (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!)  Now I’m trying to find the perfect color for our walls.  Right now they are the most depressing shade of bright blue you’ve ever seen.  I want rich and fantastic and lush!  I’m kind of leaning towards deep chocolate browns with just a hit of sexy canary yellow in some of the accessories.  It sounds hideous, I know, but if you lived in my mind… well, no… you don’t want that.  You’d be trapped for eternity and go mad.

Will I post pictures of my fantastic room make over?  Don’t hold your breath.  We still don’t have a dresser so all our clothes are artistically folded and sorted on top of (drumroll please…) plastic bins.  LOVE IT!

So here is the challenge… I want to hear from you… I need design ideas.  The room is huge and empty with beige carpet.  Here’s the bed we have (not with those linens though).

IKEA's Aspelund Bedframe

IKEA's Aspelund Bedframe

Give me your ideas.  Send links with color palets.  I NEED INSPIRATION!!!!  Go check out the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer for some color combo fun.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!


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