Monthly Archives: November 2008

Foux De Fa Fa


Oui Oui!  This was the perfect way to end my Friday- thanks Every Little Thing for posting this video on your blog- I’m totally in love with it 🙂


The mind of a child


Tonight at dinner, my darling daughter made me smile and laugh when she turned to me in all seriousness and asked

“Does God like chicken?”

The first thing that popped into my head was “well… He must, because it seems like there’s an aweful lot of stuff out there that tastes like chicken!”

Why I hate Call of Duty: World at War


If you move in video game circles (or love someone who does) chances are you have heard of the Call of Duty games.  My husband is a HUGE fan and the release of the newest installment was driving him mad with anticipation.  He had pre-ordered the game and just happened to have to work when it came out.  Being the lovely wife that I am, I offered to pick it up.  I packed the young-uns into the car and headed off to Game Stop.  Why didn’t I think of the inevitable HUGE-MUNGUS line that was waiting for me there?  Why didn’t I think about my son, who tends to throw giant cranky crying fits when forced to be held for long periods of time?  I don’t know why these things didn’t cross my mind, but as you can imagine, the combination was not good.  Game Stop is a tiny little store and it was packed to the brim with anxious guys within a matter of minutes.  My son?  He was an anxious guy too… he was anxious to get the hell out of Dodge, and didn’t mind letting the entire store know with his ear-piercing wails.  These wails, if recorded, would make an effective weapon against all sorts of unsavory characters.  Unfortuantly they also have the power to piss people off in an excedingly short amount of time.  Amid annoyed whispers from the throngs of gamers, I stood my ground.  After about 20 minutes, we finally (quickly) picked up the game and headed straight to McDonalds.  My children, stuffed with chicken nuggets, drifted off to sleep that night, dreaming of a world with no lines.  And me?  Well, besides informing my husband that he owes me BIG TIME (and believe me, I’m coming up with a list of demands)… I stayed up way too late playing the new video game with him.  I’ve never really gotten into video games, but doggonit if we didn’t have a blast together crushing the enemy horde.  I got to take out some of my frustration with some well aimed bazookas and spend some much needed time with my guy… hmmm… maybe I need a title re-write?

Are you freakin’ KIDDING ME???


Ooooooh…. I am so upset right now.  No, it’s not politics that has my blood boiling.  It’s not religion, it’s not economics.  No- it is a much bigger problem.  I am starting to go grey!  I found a handful of silvers scattered throughout my dark mane tonight, and, well… POOP!  This totally stinks.  Now, I know some of you are saying to yourself: “What the heck is she so upset over?  I’ve got grey hair?  What’s wrong with that? Has she heard of hair dye?”  Yes, of course I’ve heard of hair dye.  Me and hair dye have been friends since the unfortunate Ronald McDonald date hair incident of my youth.  The fact is, the day I gave birth to my daughter I had gained nearly 60 lbs.  Just when I was finally losing that I got pregnant with my son and again, gained quite a lot of weight.  My body never really “bounced back”.  Even with the frustration of losing my girlish figure, my hair never changed.  Thick, lucious dark locks bouncing and shining.  Ah… my hair was my crowning glory.  And now it sort of feels like nature is taking that away from me too.  Yes, I can remedy it easily, but it’s the fact that I know all that grey is sneaking around under there.  POOP!  Getting old is a privilidge, I know… and I can only hope to age with as much grace and beauty as my mother has… but still… POOP!



My husband and I packed up the kiddos and voted this morning.  My 4 year old was particularly interested in what was going on (my son, being only one, was too busy flirting with everyone to care).  I was happy to be able to share with Grace what it means to vote.  When she asked who I was voting for, I told her that mommy and daddy were voting for the person we thought would do the best job being the boss of the country.  I hope that as the years pass, she can continually be exposed to a process that gives each person a voice.

I have been disheartened during this race at the hateful things that have been said by supporters from each party… things directed particularly at supporters of opposing parties.  I encourage each and every person to rise above anger, fear, mockery… we are blessed to have the right to vote, and we are blessed to have the right to disagree with each other.  Regardless of who you vote for, remember that others have just as much of a right as you to make their choice without feeling threatened or being mocked.