My husband and I packed up the kiddos and voted this morning.  My 4 year old was particularly interested in what was going on (my son, being only one, was too busy flirting with everyone to care).  I was happy to be able to share with Grace what it means to vote.  When she asked who I was voting for, I told her that mommy and daddy were voting for the person we thought would do the best job being the boss of the country.  I hope that as the years pass, she can continually be exposed to a process that gives each person a voice.

I have been disheartened during this race at the hateful things that have been said by supporters from each party… things directed particularly at supporters of opposing parties.  I encourage each and every person to rise above anger, fear, mockery… we are blessed to have the right to vote, and we are blessed to have the right to disagree with each other.  Regardless of who you vote for, remember that others have just as much of a right as you to make their choice without feeling threatened or being mocked.


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  1. We are so thankful for this right as well. We got up early to vote too. It was my wife’s first time voting, she was so excited. She had not participated in the past and was excited to be doing it this time. All we can do now is pray for the future of this country. 🙂

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