Let’s talk about pregnancy


First of all, for my friends and family that read my blog… I am not pregnant again.  Let me repeat, I am NOT pregnant again!  Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t checked… in fact, I’ve been checking a lot lately.

I have no reason to suspect that I am pregnant.  No symptoms, no “forgetful moments”.  Nothing.  I am just slightly obsessed with the fact that I might be pregnant.  It’s not like I want to be pregnant either.  I have my hands full with my two kids as it is (and my husband, who let’s face it, is just a large child himself).  I don’t dream of snuggly clothes in pink or blue, I don’t drool over the thought of an expanding waistline.

It started a few months ago when I really did get freaked I might be preggers again.  My sister was overjoyed as was my mom… they love having kids to spoil (did I mention they live across the country and are therefor unable to assist with the late nights and poopy diapers that inevitable accompany a new family member?).  Me, I wasn’t so happy.  My youngest is still a Huggies man, and my four year old currently thinks she’s 16 which leaves me tired out at the end of the day.  Well, I took a test and no line appeared (HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF)… but then I thought, “what if I tested too early?”  so a week later I bought another test with the same single pink line smiling happily at me.

Now it’s become an obsession.  I’ve taken a test almost every week since then, twisting and turning that little window to get just the right light… trying to decipher if there’s the faintest line mocking me just under the surface.

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking maybe subconsciously I do want to get pregnant.


Maybe I just like peeing on little sticks…

Stay tuned for my list of favorite Christmas carols and why they rock my mistletoe!


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  1. “Maybe I just like peeing on little sticks…”

    THANK YOU for the laugh out loud moment 😀 It’s Monday and I needed that!

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