Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Ringing In My Head


Okay, I promised Christmas music, and gosh darn it, I’m gonna deliver!  First, you need to know that I love Love LOVE the Christmas season. When I was little, it was  just my folks, me, and my younger sister.  We’re only 16 months apart, so we shared a room for most of the time growing up.  She was the sister who loved to sleep in Christmas morning.  It would be an understatement to say that I was the opposite.  I would spend most of the night with my face pressed up against the window, straining to see a ray of morning sun.  The rule was, it had to actually be morning before we could get up.  I would shake my sister, whispering fiercely “I think I see some sun, I think we can go into mom and dad’s room!!!!!!”  She would turn over, unimpressed and fall back asleep.  This would usually go on until about 6 in the morning at which time I would be fairly bursting… I’d drag her in to my parent’s room where we (I) would wait impatiently for my dad to check if Santa had come, and to start the coffee (a step I find much value in now that I have two kids of my own!).  When the Christmas music was finally playing softly in the living room, Dad would come in and give us the all-clear.  I am told I would literally shake with excitement upon seeing the Christmas tree, much like one of those little dogs that pee all over you because their little bodies just can’t handle all the excitement.  In later years it was the same thing.  In high school I tried taking sleeping pills the night before to keep me from driving everyone nuts.  I thought for sure they would work, but alas, they didn’t kick in until about 8 o’clock Christmas morning.  I look drugged out or passed out in all the Christmas pictures from that year.  Now that I’m a mother, I’m excited to say, I finally have someone who gets up as early as I do…  my daughter and I are the ones shaking Daddy awake saying “is it time, is it time????”

So in honor of my favorite season, here are some of my favorite Christmas songs!

White Christmas as sung by Bing Crosby (this also happens to be my favorite Christmas movie.  It’s not Christmas without Bing!)

I’ll Be Home For Christmas as sung by Diana Krall (this always makes me cry a little bit when I hear it)

Let There Be Peace On Earth as sung by Vince Gill (this was my grandpa’s favorite song, and every time I hear it I think of him)

Christmastime Is Here as sung by the Peanuts (I also love playing this one on piano)

Christmas Dreaming as sung by Harry Connick Jr. (just try and stop yourself from swaying rhythmically while listening to this!)

Song For A Winter’s Night as sung by Sarah McLachlan (it’s so haunting and beautiful.  Close your eyes and you’re in a big squishy armchair next to a roaring fire watching the snow fall outside.)

In The Bleak Midwinter as sung by James Taylor (in my family you just can’t have Christmas without some James…)

Christmas Songs That Make Me Bleed From The Ears (aka Christmas Songs I Never Want To Hear Again As Long As I Live or Sorry If You Like These, But They Make Me Want To Stab A Fork In My Hand To Distract From The Pain I Feel While Listening To Them) I’ve included the link just in case you want to subject yourself to the torture.

Jingle Bells as sung by Barbara Streisand (sorry Babs… and I have to hear this every year cause my mother LOVES it)

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time as sung by Paul McCartney

All barking dogs/yowling cats edited to sound like a Christmas song

Now, if you don’t listen to a single Christmas song listed here, I’m asking sweetly for you to listen and enjoy my daughter’s favorite Christmas song… It’s one of my favorites, and I promise if nothing else, it will bring a smile to your face

Short Stack’s Favorite Christmas Song

What are some of your favorite songs at Christmas time?  Any that make you want to scream?  Let me know… I always love hearing from you 🙂


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  1. couple things…Veronica totally LOVES our tree. Every morning and after every nap she shouts out, “TWEE, TWEE?” She wants to make sure the tree is lit up and ready for the day. In our house we too listen to Bing. It’s kind of addicting in a abnormal sort of way. I really like this song by Bare Naked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen mixed with We Three Kings,” it’s great.

    Peanuts is great as well, Sufjan Stevens Christmas too! Have you gotten snow yet?

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