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Peeing on little sticks.  I used to be obsessed with it… thinking I was pregnant when I was very sure I didn’t want to be.  But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if maybe, just maybe I really did want to be pregnant one last time.  Well, I made the mistake of talking to my husband about it.  He’s got visions of football teams dancing in his head, always wanting a big family.  We talked and talked and talked some more and finally decided to give it one more shot.  Before we got pregnant with my son, I had gone through a year of miscarriages, and I really didn’t want to go through that again.  This pregnancy thing was happening on one condition… it’s a one shot deal.  No second chances.  I don’t think I could take another year of pain.  Anyway, the good news is, we didn’t have to try very long, and my days of peeing on little sticks are over!  We will be welcoming a new little baby into our lives early this fall!

I’ll keep you updated 😉


It’s like walking through peanut butter


Do you ever have those times where it just seems like it would take too much effort to even move?  It’s totally like walking through a big vat of peanut butter (or maybe marshmallow goo if you happen to be allergic to peanut butter or terrified of accidental poisoning due to recent events… but I digress…).  It’s been like that for me the last few months.  All my energy seems to be sapped.  I know some if it has to do with the season.  I can pretty much count on this stunning lack of motivation every winter, but this year I actually wish it could be different.  That’s why this year, I did something bold.  I decided to invest in a motivational/entertainment device-  First I thought about getting a taser and using it on my husband.  I can pretty much guarantee that would motivate him and entertain the hell out of me (sick, I know… but you married gals are smiling and thinking it over right now, don’t lie).  I passed on that due to the cruel and possibly illegal nature of the scheme.  Instead, I bought the Wii Fit.  Although it hasn’t actually arrived at my house and I haven’t actually ever used one before, I already feel more invigorated.  For example, I’m actually writing to all of you about it… I haven’t written anything on this blog in a couple of months!   Now I know you are all so curious as to my shopping habits, but I’m going to move away from my Wii-lation (see what I did there?  Elation about getting a Wii… hmmm… I really do need a life) and talk about something else.

I’m doing everything I can not to post some long drawn out thing about politics and why I am sick to death of stupid… okay, I’m moving away from that now…

Wow… I’m really at a loss at this point… how do I move fluently on to my next point?  What was my next point?  All energy has just been sapped from my body and I’m left… craving a peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow goo.

p.s. small update on my previous post:  I’m almost completely off soda and have had only a couple since deciding to give it up!!