It’s like walking through peanut butter


Do you ever have those times where it just seems like it would take too much effort to even move?  It’s totally like walking through a big vat of peanut butter (or maybe marshmallow goo if you happen to be allergic to peanut butter or terrified of accidental poisoning due to recent events… but I digress…).  It’s been like that for me the last few months.  All my energy seems to be sapped.  I know some if it has to do with the season.  I can pretty much count on this stunning lack of motivation every winter, but this year I actually wish it could be different.  That’s why this year, I did something bold.  I decided to invest in a motivational/entertainment device-  First I thought about getting a taser and using it on my husband.  I can pretty much guarantee that would motivate him and entertain the hell out of me (sick, I know… but you married gals are smiling and thinking it over right now, don’t lie).  I passed on that due to the cruel and possibly illegal nature of the scheme.  Instead, I bought the Wii Fit.  Although it hasn’t actually arrived at my house and I haven’t actually ever used one before, I already feel more invigorated.  For example, I’m actually writing to all of you about it… I haven’t written anything on this blog in a couple of months!   Now I know you are all so curious as to my shopping habits, but I’m going to move away from my Wii-lation (see what I did there?  Elation about getting a Wii… hmmm… I really do need a life) and talk about something else.

I’m doing everything I can not to post some long drawn out thing about politics and why I am sick to death of stupid… okay, I’m moving away from that now…

Wow… I’m really at a loss at this point… how do I move fluently on to my next point?  What was my next point?  All energy has just been sapped from my body and I’m left… craving a peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow goo.

p.s. small update on my previous post:  I’m almost completely off soda and have had only a couple since deciding to give it up!!


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