Back on the horse that threw me


Okay, so I’ve decided to start writing on my blog again… in fact, I’m picking up a lot of things again.  Getting back to being my crafty self, getting back to being my normal self.  I guess some time off from normalicy is to be expected.  After the loss of the baby we ended up having my stepson come and live with us.  Up until this point, he’s only visited and lived full time with his mom.  It’s been an adjustment for the entire family, but adjustments can be a good thing!  On top of all that, there is less of me to love now.  I’ve been working out every day and have already lost an inch in my waist!  I was listening to some old school “booty” music (as I like to call it) and thinking of my younger, less responsible days.  I wish that weight loss was an instant gratification process, like turning on the tv, but I’m actually motivated to do the work, so that in and of itself is exciting.  Well sports fans, if you’ve been missing my little posts in your life (and I know that you have!) tune in again, because I promise some new stories and thoughts… and even some new crafty bits.  If you just can’t get enough of me, you can now follow me on Twitter (I know what you’re thinking, but I just had to give in finally!!)  Look for me under the username spoonamongforks.



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