It’s not about the money


I am a ball of stress.  I have always been a ball of stress.  No matter the situation, I will find a way to stress about it.  Lately I’ve been stressing about money.  Sound familiar?  I bet you do the same thing from time to time, more so in our current economy.  Gas prices are creeping up again, groceries are more expensive, the rent or mortgage is due.  It is inevitably someone’s birthday, Christmas, anniversary, new baby… there is always something to spend the money on.  How do you sort through what’s important and what can wait?  How do you make the money stretch to the end of the month?  Do you really need that trip to the ice cream shop with the kids?  Why can’t your husband use a little less toilet paper every time he blows his nose?  Can’t we all just learn to love Top Ramen?!  These are the thoughts that race through my mind as payday arrives.  But do you know what?  It doesn’t matter!  NONE OF IT MATTERS!  The money is going to get spent on something.  The bills are going to keep coming.  My husband is still going to use a ridiculous amount of toilet paper to blow his nose.  I can’t change any of that!  What I can change is so simple it’s almost funny.  I can change ME!  I can change my need for tyrannical control over financial situations.  I can stop freaking out about the $10 we spent getting ice cream, because you know what?  That was an AWESOME day with my kids!

My husband and son

My husband and Bubba

My daughter and stepson

Short Stack and Sportie


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