Dental Dismay



 I bet you shivered just now, didn’t you? (and if you didn’t, check your pulse and make sure you are still breathing)

I HATE dentists.  Well, not dentists as people.  I’m sure most of them are very lovely.  If you are a dentist, in love with a dentist, married to a dentist, or know a dear sweet dentist, I meant nothing personal to any of them.  More specifically, I hate going to the dentist.  Just the gleam of the silver is enough to make me want to puke.  I literally feel my stomach rolling as I write this.  When I was 7 months pregnant I had to have a tooth pulled.  They couldn’t put me under because of my little passenger, and I had to just have a local.  I lay in the chair, shivering, with my earphones pressed tight in my ears… listening to the cd of music we gave to people at my wedding.  I kept turning it up louder and louder, but nothing would drown out the sound.  A single tear (one of those ultra dramatic ones) slid down my cheek and I was to scared to enjoy movie moment!  Well, I obviously survived, but I’ve been dreading any dealings with a dentist since. 

Well, the day has come, but thankfully not for me.  I had to call and make an appointment for my husband today for a “tooth emergency”.  Talking on the phone with the sweet receptionist, I thought I could keep my fear in check.  After all, I wouldn’t be the one sitting in the chair.  I wouldn’t be the one listening to the maniacal laughter as the dentist drilled mercilessly into my precious teeth (okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but please people… I have to be knocked out just to have my teeth cleaned!).  But sure enough, as we were discussing x-rays and fillings, my palms broke out in a cold sweat.  


oooooooooh….. shiver with me now!


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