Red White and Blueberry Pancakes


This 4tth of July, I decided to put on my Suzie Homemaker hat and whip up a batch of delicious Red White and Blueberry Pancakes…

Gather the following and enjoy them any time of the year!

1 box pancake mix (I use the cheapy stuff from walmart)

Vanilla Extract

1 pint fresh blueberries

1 pint fresh strawberries


Whipped Cream


I like to make two separate syrups, so take two medium saucepans, dump the blueberries and about 3-4 tbl sugar in one (I added a smidge of water too), hull and chop the strawberries and toss them in the second saucepan, again with about 3-4 tbl sugar.  Start them off at about medium high to high heat and stir occasionally.  The berries will start to cook down and the sugar will help create a sweet syrupy liquid (don’t look for it to be thick like maple syrup…  this will be thinner consistency)

Once you get the berries cooked down, turn them down to low and let them sit on the stove top… Time to start the pancakes! 

The reason I like Walmart pancake batter is because it’s inexpensive and can still taste good.  My family doesn’t usually like fluffy pancakes, so I typically water them down to make them thinner, but for this recipe, fluffy is good!  The recipe on the box just calls for adding water, but I always add about a tbl of vanilla extract.  I think it makes the pancakes taste just delicious!

Okay, you’ve made your syrup, flipped your pancakes… now it’s time to assemble them:  Pancake, Blueberry Syrup, Pancake, Strawberry Syrup, Pancake, half strawberry, half blueberry syrup and a nice big dollop of whipped cream on top!  Delicious!!

Please remember, the syrup is still warm/hot off the stove… don’t burn your tongue!

Enjoy this yummy breakfast treat with a glass of milk!

Red White and Blueberry Pancakes

Red White and Blueberry Pancakes


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