I love bubbles.  They relax me.  Well, most of the time they relax me… when I’m cleaning up spilled bubble solution, or sorting out an argument about who’s bubble container is whose, or calming a screaming toddler who is angry that bubble time is over- that’s not so relaxing. 

So summer time is almost over and with the kids starting school next week, I wanted to find some fun projects to finish out August.  Today I grabbed up a pyrex baking dish, some bubble solution, some Joy dish soap and two metal hangers.  I bent the hangers into bubble wands and filled up the baking dish with bubble solution and dish soap (it made the bubbles more stable) and sent my oldest two out to blow the biggest bubbles they could make. 

Taking turns

Taking turns

 We had a blast running around the yard chasing giant sized soap bubbles.  My favorite part?  The look of wonder on my kids’ faces each time those bubbles formed.  We all enjoyed our moment of wonder.

The First Bubble

The First Bubble

Look!  The bubbles are the size of my HEAD!

Look! The bubbles are the size of my HEAD!


Blowing Bubbles

Blowing Bubbles

Blowing Bubbles


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