Think Pink

Gracelynne's Birthday 033

Short Stack

My daughter turned 5 this last week.  FIVE!  I remember holding my first born baby in my arms and now she is in PreK and full of songs and giggles and twirls.  Her favorite color is, of course, pink!  For her birthday I attempted a Barbie cake… and boy, it was an adventure!  I had to bake cake in a pyrex bowl (something I’d never done before) and that was an interesting experience.  The other issue was height.  You either have to get a really short Barbie, or bake a really tall cake.  I ended up folding Barbie’s legs behind her in a complicated gymnastic move that proved she really can do anything she puts her mind to!  This move had her a bit far forward in the cake instead of being int the center.  My daughter didn’t mind though.  She thought the “poofy skirt sticking out behind is like a fairy princess dress!!”  For a first try I was pretty pleased 🙂

Gracelynne's Birthday 027

I piped the frosting bodice right over the plastic outfit Barbie was wearing

My doll with her doll

My doll with her doll


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