NFL Eyes – Baltimore Ravens


The Baltimore Raven inspired this week’s NFL Eyes look.  Since moving to Maryland last year, my family has enjoyed following the Ravens and every Sunday we get our Ravens gear on and cheer our team.

The Baltimore Ravens Logo

The Baltimore Ravens Logo

For this look I used Orglamix eye shadow in Solar (a pale yellow gold), Bordeaux (a deep glamorous purple), Iris (a bright friendly purple) and Obsidian (deep black)  and some Great Lash Mascara in black.

These colors are available at

These colors are available at

Apply Solar (or your favorite gold colored eye shadow) from the inner corner to the middle lid of your eye using a small brush, making sure to pat on the color, not swipe it.  Take a medium size domed brush and add some Bordeaux (or whichever deep purple shadow you prefer) from the outer corner of your eye in towards the center of your lid.  Gently blend, blend blend the purple into the gold.  I wanted a little bit of depth in the purple so using a small domed brush I blended a little of the brighter purple (Iris) into the Bordeaux.  Using the same small domed brush, add a little purple and a little gold to your lower lash line, mirroring where you put the colors on your lid.   Using a small liner brush, line your eyes in Obsidian.  I used Obsidian wet this time because I wanted a more dramatic look.  You can also use your favorite gel or liquid liner.   Top with your favorite black mascara!




I’d love to hear any suggestions for next week’s look.  Who’s your favorite team?


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