NFL Eyes – Packers vs. Browns Special Edition!


Okay, last week I was sick, sick, sick and putting on makeup was not on my list of things to do.  To make up for it, I am doing TWO looks today!  The Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns are playing each other today, and I thought it was the perfect time to try out a couple of new looks.

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Browns

First up is the Packers inspired look.  I really wanted to tone this look down a bit and make it wearable for everyday, so I chose to highlight the green more than the yellow.   For this look  I used Solar (a buttery, shimmery yellow), Clover (a brilliant emerald green), Celadon (a pale shimmery sage-y green) and Loreal’s HiP eye pencil in black.  First, apply Solar (or your favorite pale yellow or gold shadow) to your entire lid.  I applied it wet to intensify it some.  Then gently apply Clover (or your favorite dramatic green) to the outer corner of your eye, blending it carefully into your crease to about mid-eyelid.  Add a little Celadon (pale green) to the Clover, blending it.   This softens the look.  Finally, a dramatic black eyeliner on both top and lower lash lines gets a soft look by using a stiff flat brush to blend it gently.



Now for the Cleveland Browns look I got to use my new shades Mangosteen (a pale peach) and Mandarin (a knock-out orange).  I also used Espresso (amazing bronzy brown) and little bit of Cinnamon (explosion of autumn-y brown sparkles).

Using the Mangosteen, cover your entire eyelid, concentrating the color on the inner corner of your eye.  Using a damp brush, tap on the Mandarin from the center of your eyelid, extending out toward the outer corner of your eye.  I did this a couple of times to build up the color.  Then using a big fluffy eye brush, blend the Mandarin in towards the inner corner of your eye.  Using a small domed brush, add some Espresso to the outer corner of your eye blending into the crease towards the center of your eyelid.  I uses Espresso again with a wet liner brush to line my upper and lower lids.  Finally I used the Cinnamon to add some dramatic sparkles to my eyelid (I wish this showed up in the photo better).



Enjoy these new looks!  Do you have a favorite team you would like to see interpreted into a hot new eye look?  Leave a comment and you just may see it in an upcoming post!

All eyeshadows used for these looks are available at Orglamix on Etsy.


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