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Whoops! An Accidental Vaccination Story


When you are a mom you expect to get certain phone calls… You daughter threw up all over her desk at school, your son was in a fight or climbed on [fill in inappropriate and dangerous object here] and was injured, please have a discussion with your child and explain why it’s not okay to tell poo jokes in the classroom… these are all things I can handle.  One that I was not prepared for was the call I received yesterday.  “Mrs. B, this is the nurse from your daughter’s school.  I’m calling to let you know your daughter, Short Stack, accidentally received the wrong vaccination today at school.”  WHAT?… but wait!  There’s more!  “Yes ma’am, I accidentally gave your daughter the flu booster instead of the H1N1 vaccine”.  Now some of you may be thinking that it’s no big deal.  She’s not allergic to the flu vaccine, it wasn’t poison they gave her.  But that is not the point.  Someone who I trusted to take care of my daughter was negligent and administered the wrong vaccination.  Apparently the flu booster and the H1N1 vaccination arrived together from the same company and they were in similar containers.  Why have them in such close proximity then?  Why on earth, if the two looked similar would you keep them so close as to mix them up and administer the wrong vaccination not only to my daughter, but to other children.  I understand that no one is perfect, but when it comes to putting medication or vaccination into my child’s body, you better be damn close to perfect.  So I’ve been having a little (okay, big) freak out.  I’ve written a letter to the appropriate people to file a complaint, and I even had someone else read it to make sure I didn’t sound like a psychopath.  Yeah for me, I managed to keep that in check!  So here I am, a mom who received an unexpected call, and I managed to keep it together.  I’m going to have to remember this for the next mountain I come across in motherhood.  It’s good to know I can keep my freak outs where they belong.




Feeling lazy lately… nothing too interesting to write.  Sick kids.  AGAIN!!!  Hopefully I will get at least one good vomit story out of it.  More soon dear readers!

The Aftermath




Happy Halloween!


Halloween is over for another year and I am sitting in the kitchen looking at a counter full of candy wondering how much I can eat before my kids notice.  My two-year old keeps walking by looking up at me saying “Trick-or-Treat?” and holding out his already chocolate stained hand.  The kids had a fantastic time considering I had them dressed for a cold October night and it was 75 degrees out.  My husband and I spent the evening sweating profusely and swapping stories of Halloween Past.  It was an especially fun Halloween this year because for the first time, my husband didn’t have to work.  He got to enjoy the whining about whose turn it was to ring the doorbell.  He got to experience the cranky attitudes that started to appear soon after my youngest son stepped in a giant puddle and got his feet and pants all wet.  He got to try and keep the kids from covertly shoving large amounts of candy in their mouth in the backseat of the car while we weren’t looking.  Yep, it was Halloween in all it’s glory and he was able to experience every bit!  As if self-induced sugar  comas weren’t bad enough, some genius decided that daylight savings time should end at midnight on Halloween and so of course with their little bodies telling them it was a reasonable 6:30, my kids woke up bouncing off the walls at 5:30am.  Not cool kids.  Not. Cool.

So I sit here munching on a Three Musketeers bar (I caved, so sue me), the older kids are off at school and I’m about to hand my baby man another piece of candy just as soon as he says those magic words…