It’s been a rough month here.  My little Pork Chop has been sick (you can read the backstory here).  To break it down, she had a urinary tract infection and the doctor ordered some more tests including some blood work, a sonogram of her kidneys and bladder and something called a VCUG where they basically pump her little bladder full of florescent liquid and watch and see if the pee is all going out like it’s supposed to, or migrating back up which is bad bad bad.

Her sonogram came back great and a second urine culture showed her UTI had cleared up.  I almost didn’t take her for that last test.  Almost.

Going to Children’s Hospital DC with all four kids in tow was not my idea of a fun afternoon, especially not when my bra strap snapped beyond all McGyvering and I was wandering the hospital bra-less (the metro ride was even more fun *insert dramatic sigh here*).  I watched them strap my baby girl to a board and looking at her there in her tiny peach hospital gown I almost lost it.  Just as I was about to cry, a nurse came in from checking on the other three kids and announced that Sportie and Short Stack had just finished vividly describing how they get the brains out of a soon-to-be mummy.  If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face you might not be human.

They finished the test and just as they were about to remove the catheter, one of the techs asked the doctor to “come back here and see this”.  No one told me what they were looking at, but they came back and announced they were going to do a few more pictures.  I told myself maybe she was too wiggly and the flouroscopy pictures were too blurry.  That’s what I kept telling myself the whole way home and the entire week after the test as I waited to hear the results.

Yesterday I saw my doctor who let me know that Pork Chop has something called VUG (Vesicoureteral reflux).  The openings where the ureters empty urine into the bladder should work like valves to keep urine from backing up into the ureters. Sometimes the valve doesn’t work properly and urine flows back into the kidneys. The urine may flow only a short way back into the ureters, or it may go all the way back to the kidneys, causing the ureters and kidneys to swell.  In Pork Chop’s case, her kidneys are okay right now.  VUG has 5 different stages and Pork Chop only has stage 2 which means the VUG may correct itself as she gets older.  Right now we are going with the accepted treatment protocol which means she is going to be on long term antibiotics and be tested again in a year.  We will see a specialist next month who may have other options because long term antibiotic treatment presents its own problems and issues.  Little Pork Chop also needs to be monitored for fevers which can indicate an infection.

It’s hard to see this all written out here.  Pork Chop is a happy little 6 month old, she rolls and giggles and her smile is infectious… and she’s sick.  And I can’t fix it.  I can’t fix it.

If you would like more information about VUG, please click here.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate this new road.



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  1. Liz,
    I’ll be praying for you and your little pork chop. I’m so sorry that she and you have to go through this!

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