Bettah with Feta


I used to hate feta cheese.  I thought the word “feta” sounded too much like the word “fetid”.  Anybody with me on that?  Anyway, I’m not quite sure what the turning point was, but I have come to believe that feta makes everything bettah!  I’m not a fan of goat cheese and I can’t stomach the thought of blue cheese, but feta – it’s soft and sour and wonderful.

Here are just a few ways to add feta to your meals:

On hotdogs – Skip the ketchup and mustard and try something new!  Sprinkle a little vinaigrette on your hotdog and top with feta cheese and fresh cilantro!

Italian Crostini Pizzas – Cut a few slices from a loaf of your favorite crusty bread.  Spread with cream cheese, pesto (you can buy this at the grocery store or use this recipe here) and add cut up artichoke hearts.  If you’ve got some leftover bbq steak chop it up and throw it on.  Then cover with a nice heavy dose of feta and pop into the oven at 350 for about 5-10 minutes (or until bread is crisp)

Corn on the Cob with Shallot butter and Feta – Make up a batch of my delicious shallot butter by finely mincing half a shallot and mixing it in with about four tablespoons of butter or margarine spread, add some lemon pepper to taste and chill.  Now cook up some sweet summer corn and put a healthy helping of the shallot butter, then top with feta cheese.  Delish!

Add feta to your spinach salad, throw it in your scrambled eggs or on top of your bagel.  It tastes good on chicken, adds oomph to pasta salad and on top of your Hawaiian pizza it’s fantastic!

Try it today and you may be adding feta to your weekly menu!


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