Frustration and Mashed Potatoes


Parenthood is a long, bumpy road… ok, those of you who are parents know that’s an understatement.  Some days it feels like you hardly have time to take a breath!  My husband and I have been so frustrated lately, feeling like we haven’t had any success with our children.  Sportie is struggling with taking time on his school work leading to lots simple mistakes.  Bluebird has a toxic waste dump for a room and we can’t seem to get her to remember to make her bed or brush her teeth in the morning.  Bubba is STILL having bathroom accidents out of sheer laziness.  The Pork Chop is doing well, but she has developed that familiar mischievous glint in her eyes, one that indicates we are in for quite a time as soon as she starts walking.  All the kids are suffering chronic laziness and severe brain fart-itis when it comes to taking care of the few little chores they have around the house.

It just feels like we’ve been yelling at them every 5 minutes.  I HATE feeling like that.  It seems like nothing we are teaching is actually getting through.  Between the kids and the normal stresses of life (bills, laundry, dishes) and the major amount of clean-up we still have to do from the hurricane I am at the end of my rope.  I wake up tired, I go to bed tired… there is no rest, there is no peace.

One thing I seem to be doing well at is working out.  I’ve been able to fulfill the commitment I made to myself.  I was hoping that it would help to make me feel renewed and energized at the same time, but I just find myself being even more exhausted.  I’ve continued to stick with it though, so that’s something at least.

Today I took my frustration out on a big pot of potatoes.  I had a bag of them that I’d been needing to use so I decided to make mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.  I mashed the ever living schmidt out of those potatoes.  I may or may not have cried a little as I mashed… I’ll never tell.  When they were done I had a little taste and I swear I almost ate the whole big pot.  Comfort food rocks my world.

Well, here’s hoping that the weeks to come bring some rest, some peace.  I could use a fluffy place to land.


About Liz

Who am I? A mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister. A Dr. Pepper drinker, a cupcake baker. I'm a reader, a writer, a crafter, and a photographer. I'm a believer, a wisher, a moody blues. I am about as short as my fuse is. I am me.

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