Monthly Archives: December 2011

Procrastination, thy name is Liz!


I am feeling so scattered this week.  I have a list of things that need doing a mile long and I am sitting in front of the computer hanging around facebook, ordering free books for my kindle and wandering around the house not really doing anything at all.  The entire time I can here the voices in my head screaming at me, demanding my attention to various tasks.  Chore charts for the kids need to be re-typed, dishes are hollering to be washed, the laundry is slowly creeping out of the laundry room trying to make a sneak attack on anyone foolish enough to wander into the hallway.  Shall I go on?  I’ve got more!  I haven’t made any menu plans for the week, the upstairs living room is covered in shredded pieces of baby wipes (thank you kitties!), the kitchen floor desperately needs the attention of a mop and broom and I know there are about 5 separate piles of stuff in my bedroom that could stand to be reorganize and put away.

This is my Monday.  This is my every day!  I get all organized and “Super Homemaker” for like a day and then I find myself watching the Food Network (or worse, Bravo) and wasting an hour or six doing nothing on my list.  I really really REALLY hate that part of me.  The worst part of it is that I feel like I never have any down time.  How is it possible to check Facebook statuses and read food blogs but not have any down time?  Could it be those menacing ever-present tasks that shadow over every moment?  Wouldn’t it just be better to complete something on my list, to silence that voice and take a moment to revel in the quiet moment of triumph?


Determination to avoid frustration.


It won’t work itself out.  I just need motivation.

Wasting time on this poem… it’s an abomination.

The dishes and laundry pile up a visual condemnation.

This domestic bliss starts to feel like obligation.

I need a vacation, a new vocation

(and if I dare clean out the fridge, probably a vaccination!)

These menial tasks pile up… my explanation?

I find it hard to avoid procrastination!

There… that wasted another 10 minutes…