Not the neatest stitch in the hem


Let me just start by saying that I am a lazy person when it comes to keeping a clean house.  I blamed it on my kids for a while, complaining that I was just so exhausted trying to keep up with their snail trail of clutter.  This was not a valid excuse however.  Ask my mother.  My childhood bedroom was a pit… a toxic waste dump… a black hole where my belongings went to die.  My roommates lucked out because I tended to keep my clutter to my bedroom.  My husband (Mr. Mild Case Of OCD) found out that my side of the bed was almost never clean and dishes seemed to stack up into little towers beside the sink.

It’s not that I’m a messy person.  I have the desire and the ability to be neat and tidy.  I just struggle with being lazy.  I can find a million excuses not to clean.  Unfortunately, living in a cluttered house causes me to be incredibly stressed.  I get frustrated and angry and I find no peace.  My bedroom is not a retreat for rest, my kitchen is not a pleasant place to cook meals for my family.  My living room is living it’s own life.

2012 is my year though.  I started the 52 Week Challenge to and Organized Home which I found on Pinterest (which by the way, if you are not on Pinterest, you should be!!).  Week 1 was kitchen counters and sinks.  I followed the advice of the challenge and defined the purpose of my space.  I was using valuable counter space as a catch-all for the kids’ school work, the mail, and little odds and ends.  Once I put everything where it belonged, I noticed I had TONS of counter space!!  Week 2 just started and I’m working on my cupboards and pantries.  It’s great because someone has given me a defined task and a defined time frame.  I’ve found I can accomplish a lot in a small amount of time because I’m just focusing on one thing, not getting distracted by tons of other tasks.

I’m already less stressed which is WONDERFUL!  It’s nice too because now that it’s been really cleaned, it doesn’t take much to maintain the space.  Plus I’m being a good example to my kids (who I constantly hassle to keep their rooms clean and help pick up around the house).  I’m noticing I have the desire to do other small tasks too. Like today, instead of worrying about cleaning the whole bathroom, I just cleaned the toilets.  It was small, but it was an accomplishment.

Part of my desire for 2012 is to live a healthier lifestyle.  A clean house = less stress = less cortisol.  Cortisol is a basically a “stress hormone” which can really negatively affect your health and even contribute to increased abdominal fat.  INCREASED. ABDOMINAL. FAT.  That is definitely something to avoid!

So here’s so a year of less stress, a cleaner house, and maybe even a little less belly to jiggle come next Christmas.

Interested in joining the 52 Week Challenge?  It’s not too late!!  Either click on the link in the post (it will open in a separate window) or click the button below.


52 Week Organized Home Challenge


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