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Here I Go Again…


If you are like me, you read the heading to this post and started singing White Snake.  If you’re not like me, I feel sorry for you because your inner soundtrack is obviously missing something… TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!  Every time I here that song, I have to break out the air drums and smile.  When I actually listen to the words I have to laugh a bit because the last time I was alone on my own was about 9 years ago. It lasted for like half a minute before I met my husband, got married and started on what is now a family of four, count them FOUR amazing kids.  Still, the song makes me want to surge forward and do all the things I love that get pushed to the side with the day to day of being a stay-at-home mom.

On that note, I will admit that I am attempting Kids Clothes Week Challenge (KCWC) put together by elsie marley.  The challenge is to spend an hour a day sewing kids clothes for 7 days!  I am already a little behind, but I do have some pieces I am working on including a cute circle skirt for my Pork Chop and some more pants for Moo.  It’s daunting but exciting because although I really love to sew and create, it’s often hard to find the time.


On top of that I’ve been back to bentos with the kids’ lunches.  This year I have three in school!  I had conferences with my kindergartner’s teacher and when she showed me that he was having trouble recognizing some of the letters in the alphabet, I suggested that I make flash cards at home.  “Even better,” she said “would be to make him letter bentos!  We love the lunches you send with him every day!”  I have to admit, I was a proud mamma at that moment.  I came home and told him that it was totally worth it to put together those lunches.  I was of course cursing that notion this morning when we were all running late and I was trying to be creative yet healthy…

It’s a busy life but today I wouldn’t trade it in for anything!

So what have you been up to lately?  I want to hear all about it!


Pinterest Win


I’ve mention Pinterest in a previous post and I’ll say it again, if you haven’t checked it out, you are totally missing out!!  I’ve recently added a “follow me on Pinterest” button on my sidebar, so please feel free to click it and check out my pins.

I’m proud to say that I’ve actually tried out some of the things I’ve found on Pinterest including this recent success:

Donuts from biscuits  These insanely easy to make donuts were insanely delicious!  Just get packaged biscuit dough (any kind but flaky)  I found a pack of four for less than $2.  Cut out a hole in the middle (don’t forget to save the little pieces for donut holes!), fry in veggie oil (watch them carefully because they brown quickly) then dip in butter and cinnamon sugar, sprinkle on powder sugar, or even make a glaze (I made some odd approximation of a maple glaze) and go to town!  I didn’t really like how they tasted the next day (a little like stale cake donuts) but oh my gosh my family devoured a TON of them the day we made them!

The Pork Chop


Short Stack


As you can see, everyone enjoyed the donuts!  A Pinterest Win if I do say so myself 🙂


Pork Chop with a side of Lame Sauce


So it’s been a year since I wrote anything on this blog which makes me a bit of a lame sauce mom.  An entire year has passed and now I am sitting here at the computer, trying to think over the shrieking and screaming (Bubba is watching Jurassic Park).  Last time I wrote we were the Handful Family (as in, you can count all the members of our family on one hand).  Now we are definitely more than a handful!  What I didn’t know as I wrote my last post (a year ago) was that I was currently cooking up another kid.  Not just any kid either.  I was cooking up the Pork Chop (as we so affectionately call her).  In December, Pork Chop (or P.C. for short) made her grand entrance into the world.  If I would have been blogging through the pregnancy, I could have shared all kinds of funny and awful stories about my pregnancy which was nothing short of horrific…  I also could have blogged about our brilliant decision to buy a house and move in to said house just a few short weeks before the Pork Chop came into this world…  There are many moments I have not recorded for you to enjoy.  But that’s okay!  Thanks to my cousin Jenna, I discovered some new blogs to read that not only make me laugh hard enough to pee (which, let’s be honest, after giving birth three times is not that hard to do), but also inspired me to get back in to blogging.  Jenna has a Handful Family herself, so she truly understands the need to have a few moments of laughter.  One of these blogs, Rants From Mommyland has finally given me what I’ve been looking for… suitably foul sounding words to replace the curse words that I’m so desperately trying to quit using (yes, yes I know… potty mouth is bad.  Especially when you watch Little Fockers and your 6 year old daughter asks what the movie is called and you tell her and she says “Little F**kers?”).  Check out the Mommyland Desk Reference here for a list of amazing words you too can integrate into your daily freak outs.

Also, I am going back to all my other posts and editing out the actual names of my children, because I don’t want all you weirdos out there knowing my kids’ names.  If you know me, then it should be pretty easy to figure out who is who, but let me just break it down for you:

Pork Chop:  Newest edition to the fam.  Rocks thunder-thighs and is known for spontaneously vomiting her recently ingested liquid lunch all over whatever I am wearing (at which point I strategically switch her to the other shoulder so I can have matching vomit stains).

Bubba:  My three and a half year old.  Also known as Monkey, Hubba Bubba and Crazy Pants.  His charming new habit is to point to everything using only his middle finger.  Recent accomplishment:  burning a frog to death in our leaf pile.  And he knew EXACTLY what he was doing because he announced to us “I want him to be dead”.  Nice.

Short Stack (aka Princess or Bluebird):  My oldest daughter who is 6 going on 23.  She has been known to cry hysterically when her father or I make fun of Justin Beiber (“Is his name Justin Beaver?  Justin Sneezer?”  MOOOOOOOOM!!  STOP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!  That is NOT NIIIIIIICE!”)  Most mornings for Short Stack involve her asking for the one thousandth time if she can just wear just a little bit, just a teeny bit, just some makeup to school puh-LEEEZ!  It’s a pleasant surprise to see her at all since her room is a toxic waste dump and I am continually amazed at how she manages to dig her way out every day.

Sportie:  My oldest son, the sport-head.  He’s having some serious life issues right now and can’t decide whether he wants to play professional football, become a drummer, be a police officer or possibly join the military.  Life is tough when you’re about to hit double didgets!  Sportie spends most of his afternoons kicking his football as high as possible while narrowly avoiding nailing Short Stack and Bubba in the head with it thus bringing on the Wrath Of Mom (which usually results in the loss of said football for an undisclosed amount of time).

So that’s the fam!

Well, here’s hoping that it’s not another year until I post again… but, this is me we’re talking about, so let’s try and be realistic here!  I will leave you with a link to the charming song “Did You See (Where the Cat Threw Up, Cuz the Cat Threw Up Again)? by Baron von Rumblebuss.  We don’t have a cat, but if we did I imagine it would be the kind that would throw up all over the place.

I Got It All!!!


I just wanted to thank you all for helping me these past couple of weeks.  I am happy to announce that I was one of two winners in the Orglamix Fan competition!  What did I win? Click to see my amazing prize!!!!

You’ve seen me week after week expound on benefits and fun of Orglamix Cosmetics… in fact I wore them last night for an amazing Halloween look!  I was Mother Earth and I wanted to really glam it up:


This look was created using Celadon, Clover, Vetiver, Spark, and a little Mandarin

It was fun giving myself a fantasy look (and it stayed on all night long without smudging or creeping!).

Well, I just wanted to let you all know that I am sincerely thankful for each person who showed their support by becoming a fan of Orglamix.  I know I got a little spammy at the end there when I was trying to make a last minute push, so a special thanks to all of my friends for still liking me after seeing my Facebook status begging for support every day.  A lot of you were really pulling for me and I want you to know that it meant a lot.


*stay tuned tomorrow for a double post… NFL eyes and Halloween pictures!*

NFL Eyes – Packers vs. Browns Special Edition!


Okay, last week I was sick, sick, sick and putting on makeup was not on my list of things to do.  To make up for it, I am doing TWO looks today!  The Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns are playing each other today, and I thought it was the perfect time to try out a couple of new looks.

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Browns

First up is the Packers inspired look.  I really wanted to tone this look down a bit and make it wearable for everyday, so I chose to highlight the green more than the yellow.   For this look  I used Solar (a buttery, shimmery yellow), Clover (a brilliant emerald green), Celadon (a pale shimmery sage-y green) and Loreal’s HiP eye pencil in black.  First, apply Solar (or your favorite pale yellow or gold shadow) to your entire lid.  I applied it wet to intensify it some.  Then gently apply Clover (or your favorite dramatic green) to the outer corner of your eye, blending it carefully into your crease to about mid-eyelid.  Add a little Celadon (pale green) to the Clover, blending it.   This softens the look.  Finally, a dramatic black eyeliner on both top and lower lash lines gets a soft look by using a stiff flat brush to blend it gently.



Now for the Cleveland Browns look I got to use my new shades Mangosteen (a pale peach) and Mandarin (a knock-out orange).  I also used Espresso (amazing bronzy brown) and little bit of Cinnamon (explosion of autumn-y brown sparkles).

Using the Mangosteen, cover your entire eyelid, concentrating the color on the inner corner of your eye.  Using a damp brush, tap on the Mandarin from the center of your eyelid, extending out toward the outer corner of your eye.  I did this a couple of times to build up the color.  Then using a big fluffy eye brush, blend the Mandarin in towards the inner corner of your eye.  Using a small domed brush, add some Espresso to the outer corner of your eye blending into the crease towards the center of your eyelid.  I uses Espresso again with a wet liner brush to line my upper and lower lids.  Finally I used the Cinnamon to add some dramatic sparkles to my eyelid (I wish this showed up in the photo better).



Enjoy these new looks!  Do you have a favorite team you would like to see interpreted into a hot new eye look?  Leave a comment and you just may see it in an upcoming post!

All eyeshadows used for these looks are available at Orglamix on Etsy.

Give a girl a hand!


Okay guys, if you read my blog at all, you know I am obsessed with Orglamix cosmetics.  I’ve reviewed her makeup (read about it here), her brushes and use Orglamix eye colors for my NFL looks (to see my Baltimore Ravens look, click here).  To celebrate her 1200 sale, the creator Cheri is offering her entire eye color collection to the person who get the most new fans for her between now and Halloween!  This mineral makeup is fantastic, and I encourage you all to check it out… and if you feel moved, just click here and fan Orglamix.  Leave a comment on the page that you were sent there by Liz at The Paper Bluebird blog.

Here are a few pictures of just a few of the super amazing colors available from Orglamix (you can purchase these collections as shown or buy individual shades):

Juxt Collection featuring Lemongrass, Olive and Wasabi

Juxt Collection featuring Lemongrass, Olive and Wasabi

New Moon Collection featuring Baie Rose, Red Currant and Saffron

New Moon Collection featuring Baie Rose, Red Currant and Saffron

Floo Powder Collection featuring Brimstone, Obsidian and Fog

Floo Powder Collection featuring Brimstone, Obsidian and Fog

If you want to check out her shop, click here.

NFL Eyes – Baltimore Ravens


The Baltimore Raven inspired this week’s NFL Eyes look.  Since moving to Maryland last year, my family has enjoyed following the Ravens and every Sunday we get our Ravens gear on and cheer our team.

The Baltimore Ravens Logo

The Baltimore Ravens Logo

For this look I used Orglamix eye shadow in Solar (a pale yellow gold), Bordeaux (a deep glamorous purple), Iris (a bright friendly purple) and Obsidian (deep black)  and some Great Lash Mascara in black.

These colors are available at www.orglamix.etsy.com

These colors are available at http://www.orglamix.etsy.com

Apply Solar (or your favorite gold colored eye shadow) from the inner corner to the middle lid of your eye using a small brush, making sure to pat on the color, not swipe it.  Take a medium size domed brush and add some Bordeaux (or whichever deep purple shadow you prefer) from the outer corner of your eye in towards the center of your lid.  Gently blend, blend blend the purple into the gold.  I wanted a little bit of depth in the purple so using a small domed brush I blended a little of the brighter purple (Iris) into the Bordeaux.  Using the same small domed brush, add a little purple and a little gold to your lower lash line, mirroring where you put the colors on your lid.   Using a small liner brush, line your eyes in Obsidian.  I used Obsidian wet this time because I wanted a more dramatic look.  You can also use your favorite gel or liquid liner.   Top with your favorite black mascara!




I’d love to hear any suggestions for next week’s look.  Who’s your favorite team?