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Green is good

Green is good

I know it’s past St. Patrick’s Day, but to be honest, I don’t really care.  I have cute pictures of my kids and I intend on sharing them 🙂

I decorated the kids’ shirts this year.  I got all of the shirts on a clearance sale at Walmart for a dollar and I already had the supplies to decorate them at home… Super Score!!  Each child has a different shirt.  Sporty, Pork Chop and Bubba all had freezer stenciled shirts and Short Stack had an appliqued shirt.

For Pork Chop’s shirt I did a freezer stencil of the words “Lucky Girl” and then added some polka dots with a sponge brush.  After it was dry I added little hand painted hearts to the center of each polka dot.

I appliqued a shamrock onto Short Stack’s shirt and then painted some gold fabric paint over the top of it.  When she wore it, she had braids with bows tied in them from the same fabric.  This is her “new” smile…  She said she’s trying to look “dreamy”.

Sporty is getting to the age where he doesn’t really like all the bells and whistles on his clothes so I just did a simple freezer stencil of the phrase “Pinch Proof”.

Bubba had a freezer stencil shirt that said “IT’S YOUR LUCKY DAY” with the word “lucky” done in gold fabric paint.  He’s wearing a pair of seersucker pants I sewed  him last week (so proud of myself) from a tutorial I found on MADE.  It’s such a great tutorial and easy to follow!

One more picture and then I’m done… My husband asked me to sew him a kilt for St. Patrick’s day.  That’s just the kind of guy he is.  I have never sewn a kilt before, nor did I have a pattern for it.  I burned the heck out of my arm ironing pleats.  PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS!!  I am tired of pleats that is for sure!  Anyway, I think it turned out pretty awesome and I made sure not to remind him that kilts are Scottish and St. Patrick’s Day is Irish.  Why ruin his fun?



His Lovely Wife


A friend recently put a quote from a book she was reading on Facebook: “…when her husband came home from work he was greeted not by his children’s mother, and not by the housekeeper, but by the woman he married”. (Talking about the wife of the 50’s changing her clothes before her husband came home)”.  I’m not sure what book she was reading, but this little quote sparked a whole lot of comments.

Look, she even baked his favorite cake!

Look, she even baked his favorite cake!

Most of the people who responded were women… and they agreed with the sentiment of the quote.  It’s a nice way of showing your husband you were thinking of him during the day.  The concept was not really about being a 50’s Housewife, a Trophy Wife or a Stepford Wife – perfect and focused only on her man.  I think it really brings to light how easy it is as a stay-at-home mom to surrender to sweats and teeshirts all the time.  Now, there is nothing wrong with doing this sometimes… I do it all the time, and that’s sort of the problem.  I asked my husband and he said although he always thinks I’m pretty, it is especially nice when I put a little makeup on or wear “normal clothes” when he gets home.  The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with it.  It’s a simple and easy way to feel better as a woman to not always be seen just as Mom… but as Liz (it’s weird to even write my name because I’m called Mom so often). 
What do you think of this quote?  Do you think it’s sexist?  Do you think it focuses on outer beauty when all that should matter is inner beauty?  Do you agree with it?  Does it go both ways (and by the way, I think it does, since my husband recently shaved off the goatee he’s been sporting for a year because I thought it was “yucky”)?
I’m anxious to hear your thoughts!

It’s not about the money


I am a ball of stress.  I have always been a ball of stress.  No matter the situation, I will find a way to stress about it.  Lately I’ve been stressing about money.  Sound familiar?  I bet you do the same thing from time to time, more so in our current economy.  Gas prices are creeping up again, groceries are more expensive, the rent or mortgage is due.  It is inevitably someone’s birthday, Christmas, anniversary, new baby… there is always something to spend the money on.  How do you sort through what’s important and what can wait?  How do you make the money stretch to the end of the month?  Do you really need that trip to the ice cream shop with the kids?  Why can’t your husband use a little less toilet paper every time he blows his nose?  Can’t we all just learn to love Top Ramen?!  These are the thoughts that race through my mind as payday arrives.  But do you know what?  It doesn’t matter!  NONE OF IT MATTERS!  The money is going to get spent on something.  The bills are going to keep coming.  My husband is still going to use a ridiculous amount of toilet paper to blow his nose.  I can’t change any of that!  What I can change is so simple it’s almost funny.  I can change ME!  I can change my need for tyrannical control over financial situations.  I can stop freaking out about the $10 we spent getting ice cream, because you know what?  That was an AWESOME day with my kids!

My husband and son

My husband and Bubba

My daughter and stepson

Short Stack and Sportie

Why I hate Call of Duty: World at War


If you move in video game circles (or love someone who does) chances are you have heard of the Call of Duty games.  My husband is a HUGE fan and the release of the newest installment was driving him mad with anticipation.  He had pre-ordered the game and just happened to have to work when it came out.  Being the lovely wife that I am, I offered to pick it up.  I packed the young-uns into the car and headed off to Game Stop.  Why didn’t I think of the inevitable HUGE-MUNGUS line that was waiting for me there?  Why didn’t I think about my son, who tends to throw giant cranky crying fits when forced to be held for long periods of time?  I don’t know why these things didn’t cross my mind, but as you can imagine, the combination was not good.  Game Stop is a tiny little store and it was packed to the brim with anxious guys within a matter of minutes.  My son?  He was an anxious guy too… he was anxious to get the hell out of Dodge, and didn’t mind letting the entire store know with his ear-piercing wails.  These wails, if recorded, would make an effective weapon against all sorts of unsavory characters.  Unfortuantly they also have the power to piss people off in an excedingly short amount of time.  Amid annoyed whispers from the throngs of gamers, I stood my ground.  After about 20 minutes, we finally (quickly) picked up the game and headed straight to McDonalds.  My children, stuffed with chicken nuggets, drifted off to sleep that night, dreaming of a world with no lines.  And me?  Well, besides informing my husband that he owes me BIG TIME (and believe me, I’m coming up with a list of demands)… I stayed up way too late playing the new video game with him.  I’ve never really gotten into video games, but doggonit if we didn’t have a blast together crushing the enemy horde.  I got to take out some of my frustration with some well aimed bazookas and spend some much needed time with my guy… hmmm… maybe I need a title re-write?

My not-so-crazy life


When I started this blog I promised stories from my crazy life…  Well, lately it’s been anything but crazy.  In fact, my life has become… well, it basically feels like walking through peanut butter every day.  Can you imagine what it would feel like to walk through a river of peanut butter (if you’re allergic to peanut butter, please don’t imagine this!  Instead, please substitute a less deadly sandwich fixin… like marshmallow fluff.  If you’re allergic to marshmallow fluff, I feel for you and I have no suggestions.  You’re on your own!)

Let me say this as sincerely as possible, because you need to know it before I continue:  I love my husband.  I really do!  He’s a great guy, a source of comfort, support and love.  He hardly ever complains when I accidentally leave needles in the couch cushions (I sew at night and sometimes forget where I stick things).  He tied my shoes for me when I was pregnant with both our kids, and he buys the deodorant I think smells best on him (I have a weird thing about having the perfect smelling deodorant).

That being said…  Lately I have been doing EVERYTHING around the house.  Yes, I’m a stay at home mom, but that doesn’t mean that everything should fall on my shoulders.  We used to have a deal where he did the kitchen and I did the laundry.  Do you know the last time he did dishes (of course you don’t)?  I don’t either.  It’s been so long that I can’t remember.  He works a swing shift and our deal was that he would get up by 9:30 or 10:00 so he could spend time with me and the kids before heading off to work.  That NEVER happens.  I don’t think the words “do you want me to make lunch today?” have ever escaped his lips.  Today I didn’t make lunch, just to see what he would do.  He made Top Ramen for himself only and then asked me to finish “getting it together for him”.  You see, he just threw some noodles and water in a tupperware and put it in the microwave and wanted me to finish making his lunch for him.  I just kept folding laundry and he comes in all “why didn’t you finish my lunch for me?  I asked you to help!”  (make sure you get the whiny voice in your head just right… you know what it sounds like if you’ve ever been around a 4 year old child).  Apparently my husband can work with complicated electrical systems, but can’t mix a little flavored powder into his Top Ramen.

I’m doing a little experiment next week.  I’m not doing any of his laundry, not making a single lunch.  If he wants to wake up late, he’ll need to set his own alarm clock.  I am going to play couch commando and not give him the remote to watch Sports Center.  I am going to ask him to get me a soda from the fridge the second he sits down.  I am eating the last bit of strawberry ice cream.  And I’m not saying sorry for it.  Maybe a week without his “wife” will teach him to be a little more appreciative of me.

…then again, maybe I’ll just have that much more to do two weeks from now.